Serial Killer Charles Sobhraj To Be Released From Nepal Jail Today After A Day’s Delay

New Delhi: Notorious serial killer Charles Sobhraj will be released from Nepal’s prison on Friday after his release was delayed by a day. A Frenchman of Indian and Vietnamese parentage, Sobhraj had to spend one more day in jail as the immigration authorities on Thursday expressed their inability to arrange his accommodation as he is expected to be deported after his release on the orders of the apex court.

A joint bench of justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Tilak Prasad Shrestha on Wednesday ordered to free 78-year-old Sobhraj from jail.

According to Gopal Shivkoti, who is providing legal aid to Sobhraj, he will be staying as a guest in the Central Jail on Thursday.

After Sobhraj was released from Central Jail, immigration officials held discussions and had made arrangements to leave Sobhraj in someone’s care.

But Sobhraj refused to stay outside at a hotel, Sivakoti said. When he refused, he was kept in the Central Jail on Thursday night and preparations were made to take him to the immigration office on Friday.

“Though everything has been cleared for his release from jail, he has to be handed over to the Immigration Department. The immigration authorities have requested to postpone his release till Friday as they need preparation for his accommodation,” said his lawyer Gopal Shivakoti Chintan, as quoted by news agency PTI.

The notorious serial killer “the Bikini Killer” and “the Serpent” due to his skill at deception, evasion, and how he targeted foreign tourists. Sobharaj was serving a life term in the Kathmandu jail since 2003 for the murder of American woman Connie Jo Bronzich in 1975 in Nepal.

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In 2014, he was convicted of killing Laurent Carriere, a Canadian backpacker, and given a second life sentence.

A life term in Nepal means 20 years in jail.

Charles Sobhraj To Organise His Wedding Reception

Notably, as per inputs, Sobhraj is going to organise his wedding reception this week.

Sobhraj, 79, married 20-year-old Anita Biswas, daughter of lawyer Shakuntala, 13 years ago while in jail. As per inputs, he is going to organise a grand reception at Hyatt.

Mother-in-law and lawyer Shakuntala said he would return to France once everything was fine.

The order by the division bench of Nepal’s Supreme Court came after Shobraj filed a plea claiming that he was put in jail for more than the period recommended for him.

There is a legal provision to release prisoners who have completed 75 per cent jail term and showed good character during imprisonment.

Through his petition, Sobhraj claimed that he had completed his jail term as per the ‘concessions’ entitled to senior citizens of Nepal.

As per PTI, he further stated that he had already served 19 of the 20 years of his sentence and had already been recommended for release for good behaviour.

There were doubts on whether Sobhraj will be freed on Thursday as it was said that he has yet to serve jail term on two cases including a passport forgery. The Kathmandu District Court, however, later gave him clearance, according to local media.

Sobhraj was spotted in a Kathmandu casino in August 2003 and arrested. He was slapped with a life sentence for the murder after a trial. He had been linked to multiple killings of backpackers. 

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