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Shardiya Navratri 2022 is set to begin from September 26. The nine auspicious days of Navratri are celebrated with grandeur across the nation in different forms, including the most famous and grand Durga Puja. The nine-day festival will continue till October 4, and will wind up with Dussehra on October 5. This year, some prominent auspicious yogas will be formed during the Navratri which will bring about good news and prosperity in lives of everyone. At the start of the Navratri, four planets – Mercury, Sun, Venus and Moon – will be placed in Virgo sign. These planets will be receiving the positive aspect of Jupiter. Two powerful Pancha Mahapurush yogas – Hamsa yoga of Jupiter and Bhadra yoga of Mercury – will be formed. This will bestow success and prosperity in lives of all. Let us analyse impact of these yogas on lives of different zodiac signs during the Navratri season.

Aries: You’ll experience an uplift in mood, find beauty in unexpected places, and generally feel thrilled about life. There will be many chances for you to prove your worth at work, which could eventually lead to a promotion. If you’re currently single, keep your eyes alert for that perfect someone. New and thrilling experiences await you and your companion. You can plan a short trip with friends.

Taurus: There will be a positive difference in your life. You’ve been going through a rough patch as of late, but just as you were contemplating a job change, things will turn around for the better. In other words, your business will reap the benefits of your investment. The tranquilly and spirituality with which you are blessed will grow. As a result of your experiences, you will be able to make better informed decisions.

Gemini: You will feel pleased with the results of your work. Now is the moment to go after what you want out of life. It’s possible that you’ll have a fantastic experience if you follow your ambition. Investigate the things that really interest you. You’d be willing to lend a hand to the needy. Family and friends will benefit from your involvement. As a result of your generosity, people are more likely to like and respect you.

Cancer: Surprises that make you happy are on the way. Individuals with appropriate qualifications will be able to get employment with their preferred companies. Entrepreneurs will start exploring untapped markets in search of novel business opportunities. Overall, it is a wonderful time to team up with a more commanding person. Consultants will have a positive experience overall, as their clients will be placing their trust in them.

Leo: Positive emotions and celebrations will frequent during this time. You’re going to meet someone that you click with right away. When you do well in the workplace, your superiors will take notice. The students will get off to a good start this time around since their efforts will bear fruit. There could be a get-together in your house. It’s possible to reconnect with old friends which will bring more positivity in your life.

Virgo: During this time, your financial gains will increase. It can be easy for you to save money as you intend. However, the stars stress the importance of budgeting carefully. It’s more important to save money than to waste it on frivolous purchases. A steady income requires the self-control to save and invest wisely. Income generation might improve as a result of pursuing promising employment prospects.

Libra: Your life will improve during this period and you may be inclined to enhance your comforts. Additional expenses are likely during this period which will make you and your loved ones happy. Those of you who are involved with the corporate world are likely to gain their support. Now is a great time to kick back and enjoy some downtime. Concurrently, you could feel compelled to shell out cash for petty luxuries.

Scorpio: You’ll be able to get your life on track and achieve significant mental stability. Right now, it’s on you to make the most of your situation. Your loved ones depend on you to be the rock they can always turn to. Listen carefully to what they have to say and take any advice they may have to offer. Don’t ignore health concerns and be sure to keep a close eye on your health status. You’ll be successful in your career and have positive options in general.

Sagittarius: You’ll come out the other side a wise and mature person, equipped to make the most of your existence. Don’t make any blunders by ignoring the counsel of seasoned professionals. Your loved ones will be there to cheer you on no matter what, and they’ll also point you in the proper direction. Work demands more of your attention and focus. You should try your hardest now to ensure a secure future for yourself.

Capricorn: You’ll be able to put in your time and effort and rest after all of your tasks are done. Now is a fantastic opportunity to pamper oneself. Take steps to become a better person in social situations. The most reliable sources of wisdom throughout your life will be your parents and other loved ones. Your family will have celebrations, and it will fall on you to make sure your parents are taken care of. Things on the job side will improve with time.

Aquarius: You’re entering a prosperous period. You’ll be able to feel at ease and progress toward your objectives. It is possible to reduce your stress levels simply by improving the way you manage your personal and professional responsibilities. Working with your co-workers will be a huge assistance right now. There will be unprecedented financial success. Big-picture investments are also wise at the moment. You can expect a satisfactory return on your investment.

Pisces: With a newfound equilibrium, your life will finally feel manageable. You can advance professionally and personally thanks to the abundance of options available to you. You’ll find it much simpler to get your point through. Students preparing for competitive exams can relax now. Your money problems will disappear, and you’ll be in a better position to save. You can diversify your income streams thanks to new investing options.


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