Sherlyn Chopra Files Sexual Misconduct Complaint Against Filmmaker Sajid Khan

New Delhi: Actress Sherlyn Chopra has filed a complaint of sexual molestation against the filmmaker and #MeToo accused Sajid Khan. The actress has filed the complaint at the Juhu police station. 

In her complaint, the actress has alleged that the ‘Housefull’ director called her to his house under the pretext of a film narration in 2005. Sajid allegedly flashed his private part at her and asked her to rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. 

While speaking to the media, Sherlyn raised her objection to Sajid being part of the celebrity reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. When asked why she has filed the complaint after 17 years, the actress said that the MeToo movement gave her the courage to speak up against the director. 

She also said the officials have assured her that she will soon be called to record her statement against the filmmaker.  

A police official informed ABP News that Sherlyn’s complaint has been accepted but FIR has not been filed against the director yet.

Recently during a media interaction, Sherlyn had told reporters, “I’m not looking to settle the scores with Sajid, I just want to make sure that no other woman falls victim to a molester like Sajid Khan.” 
She further mentioned that she would like to go to the ‘Bigg Boss’ house not as a contestant but just for a day to have a face-off with Sajid Khan so that she could bring the truth to light on national television. 
“I’m waiting for ‘Bigg Boss’ makers to call me and women who are Sajid’s victims, to the reality show just for one day. I’ll come on national television and face him and ask him to flash his private parts for the camera, we will then give a rating to him on national television, as he requested me for the same several years back when I went to his place for a narration,” she added. 

Sajid has been accused of sexual assault allegations which include flashing his private parts at parties, asking female actors to send him their nude pictures as part of the casting process.