‘Shubh Mangal Mein Dangal’ Fame Sangeeta Odwani Talks About Her Casting Couch Experience; Says ‘A Powerful Producer Asked Me To Meet Him Alone’

New Delhi: Actress Sangeeta Odwani spoke about her traumatic first casting couch encounter. She recently described how difficult it is to be an actress. The actress, who is best known for her role in the TV programme ‘Shubh Mangal Mein Dangal’, revealed in a recent interview that a popular producer invited her to see him alone and then cancelled the appointment when she went with a friend.

Spotboye interviewed Sangeeta and she reflected on how difficult the life of an actor can be. She said, “Actors life is never easy. Especially when you are an outsider and people target you and try to influence you to sleep around. I remember during my initial days a popular producer tried on me and asked me to meet him alone. During that time me and my friend Sonali (Singh) who’s also an actress now, arrived together to dream city Mumbai to pursue our acting dream.”

She added, “We went together for an audition and later were asked to meet the producer. So when I took her along with me, he cancelled the meeting saying I was supposed to come alone as they are going to launch me. So that needs to be a personal meeting.”

According to Sangeeta, she had a bad feeling about the producer from the start but opted against filing a complaint or taking any legal action against him. She said, “I could really doubt his intentions, but he was popular and very powerful so instead of taking action against him we went back and didn’t entertain him anymore.”

The actor spoke on how devastated she felt after this, but how she eventually overcame her disappointment and landed acting gigs based on her skills.

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