Sonu Sood Sits By The Door Of A Moving Train, Railway Police Responds

Sonu Sood Sits By The Door Of A Moving Train, Railway Police Responds

The actor was seen sitting by the door of a moving train

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, actor Sonu Sood was hailed as a ‘hero’ on social media for his successful efforts to send thousands of stranded migrants to their villages during the lockdown and for flying back home stranded Indian students during the pandemic. However, a recent video shared by him on Twitter has upset a section of social media users, who have deemed his act as ”dangerous” and ”irresponsible”.

In a 22-second video shared on November 13, the actor is seen sitting by the door of a moving train and enjoying the breeze. As the train speeds up, Mr. Sood holds onto the handrail and is seen sitting on his toes, while looking outside.

Watch the video here:

Turns out, the internet was not happy with the video and many criticized the actor for promoting such a ”dangerous” and ‘irresponsible” act. Many said that the video will send a wrong message to his fans.ย 

One user wrote, ”Being a role model for many across the country, you should NOT post or encourage such videos! If your enthusiastic fans start making videos sitting at the open entrance of a running train, it will put their lives in serious danger.”

A second commented, ” Extremely unsafe and prohibited by railways if am not wrong. Being a public figure, you must refrain urself doing such nonsensical acts. In India life is cheaper than cigarettes and youth is mad for ppl like you so ironically act responsibly. Thank you.” A third tagged @RailMinIndia @RPFCR and wrote, ”Kindly take action against him for traveling like that! This is risky plus people can follow him and do more such deeds! Punish and set an example.”

Here are other comments:

GRP Mumbai, the official handle of the Mumbai Railway Police Commissionerate, also replied to the video. In a tweet, they wrote, ”@SonuSood travelling on the footboard may be a source of ‘Entertainment’ in movies, not real life! Let’s follow all safety guidelines and ensure a ‘Happy New Year’ for all.”

Sonu Sood is best known for his roles in films such as Paltan, Dabangg, Happy New Year, R… Rajkumar and Simmba.

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