South Delhi Pub’s Bouncers Rain Blows After Fight Over Entry

One of the women claimed that the bouncers tore off part of her clothes.

New Delhi:

A fight between bouncers at a Delhi night club and a group of people, where one of the women alleged that a bouncer tore off part of her clothes, has been caught on camera. An FIR has been registered in the case, police said.

In the CCTV footage that shows parts of the fight, two men and a woman can be seen talking to a few bouncers at the entryway of Code in South Extension. The negotiating, that begins with one of the men aggressively gesticulating, takes a sudden violent turn after a bouncer slaps the other man while escorting him away.

The fight then makes its way onto the road and both parties are seen taking swings at the other. A crowd of people also surround the fighting men.

As the altercation intensifies, a woman, not initially seen with the three, joins the other in an attempt to separate the two men and bouncers. The women also try and hit the bouncers.

At one point, one of the women is seen getting violently dragged to the ground when a bouncer pushes the man she was holding onto. She immediately gets back up and walks towards one of the bouncers and appears to reason with him. The fight then breaks up and one of the men is seen lying on the ground.

In a following clip, the other woman is seen aggressively push the bouncers podium and proceeds to shout at them.

One of the women in the brawl was taken to AIIMS for treatment and made the allegation that the bouncers tore off part of her clothes. An FIR was then registered in the case.

The bouncers accused in the complaint are since missing. Police said that they are checking CCTV cameras to find out the sequence of events.

Furthermore, police said that an excise case was already filed in 2019 against the bar owner, his son and other staff for assaulting and confining excise officials in the bar for several hours when they had gone for inspection.