SpiceJet’s Dubai-Madurai flight delayed, 9th technical snag in 24 days

A Dubai-Madurai SpiceJet flight was delayed Monday after the Boeing B737 MAX’s nose wheel malfunctioned at the last minute, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), said. The carrier confirmed the issue and said ‘alternate aircraft were arranged which brought passengers back to India’. After the issue was resolved, the 737 MAX aircraft flew back.

According to the DGCA, the plane (registration number VT-SZK) was the same that flew from Mangaluru to Dubai. After it landed, an engineer did a walk-around inspection and found the nose wheel strut was compressed more than usual.

The engineer then decided to ground the aircraft which led to the delay.

“Flight delays can happen with any airline. There has been no incident or a safety scare on this flight,” a Spicejet spokesperson stressed.

Nevertheless, this the ninth confirmed incident involving a SpiceJet plane in the last 24 days.

On July 6, the DGCA issued a show-cause notice to SpiceJet. The national aviation regulator said the budget carrier had ‘failed’ to establish safe, efficient and reliable air services.

However, SpiceJet managing director Ajay Singh dismissed the concerns, calling it “trivial.” “On average, 30 incidents happen in airlines every day. SpiceJet is running a safe airline for 15 years. The kind of incidents being talked about are trivial and happen on a daily basis in airlines. On average, 30 such incidents happen in airlines every day,” ANI quoted Singh, as saying.

Meanwhile, adding to SpiceJet’s troubles, Gurugram Police booked Ajay Singh for allegedly duping a businessman by giving him an invalid depository instruction slip (DIS) of shares worth 10 lakh.

The company has denied these charges and called it ‘frivolous, mischievous and completely bogus’. It also said the complainant got the FIR registered to hurt Singh and the company.

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