Step inside Priyanka Chopra’s New York restaurant Sona with influence from ‘timeless, luxurious’ India

Priyanka Chopra recently gave a tour of her New York restaurant Sona, which she opened with her friend Maneesh Goyal in March 2021. The restaurant, where she recently hosted a night-out for her ‘favourites’ as well, also has influence from the time she grew up in ‘timeless, luxurious’ India. Sona, the name of the restaurant, was given by her husband Nick Jonas. Also Read| Priyanka Chopra talks about being an immigrant in US as she launches homeware line

Priyanka opened the door to her restaurant for Architectural Digest India and gave a glimpse of the chic decor. The glass doors open to a seating area with black chairs and a table carrying a white tablecloth. A chandelier featuring a modern pattern was at the centre of the room.

Priyanka also showed off her elaborately placed dining table featuring dinnerware from her homeware line Sona Home. She also gave a glimpse of some more pieces in her restaurant like candleholders, lamps featuring Indian floral patterns, and more cutlery from Sona Home.

Talking to Architectural Digest India about the restaurant, Priyanka said that she wanted it to portray her time in the country. She said, “India is so diverse. I grew up in a timeless, luxurious India.” She also revealed the interesting story of how her husband Nick Jonas came up with the name of the restaurant.

She said, “We were coming up with all these ideas and my husband goes, ‘Why not Sona?'” She asked him, “How do you know this word?” and he revealed that he learned it while shopping for their wedding with his future mother-in-law Madhu Chopra. While picking out jewellery, Madhu told him, “Only diamonds for my daughter—no sona,” and the memory stuck with him.

The gourmet menu of the restaurant includes dishes from all over India, including Priyanka’s favourite ‘dosa.’ Priyanka had recently hosted Nick and Malala Yousafzai, among others at the restaurant.