Sukhu Responds To Resignation Buzz As Himachal Cong Grapples To Keep Its Flock Together


New Delhi: Launching a scathing attack on BJP as Congress is grappling to keep its flock together in the face of a political crisis in Himachal Pradesh, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said the rumours about his resignation were highly “condemnable” and it was a tactic deployed by the saffron party to bring down the vote share of the Congress.  

The Sukhu-led Congress dispensation successfully staved off a rebellion within the government after party leader Vikramaditya Singh reportedly retracted his decision to step down from his post of a cabinet minister.

“After Rajya Sabha elections everybody started thinking that Himachal Pradesh government is breaking. I also came across news that the chief minister has resigned, which I condemned. This was done to ensure that during final voting our numbers come down,” news agency ANI quoted CM Sukhu as saying.

Taking potshots at the BJP, which has been claiming Congress has lost its majority in Himachal Pradesh, CM Sukhu said the saffron party was engaging in “petty politics” and their sole aim was to destabilise a democratically elected government in the hill state.

“I wish to ask which majority BJP is talking about? They are the ones who created a ruckus in the House…I wish to say this to the BJP the kind of petty politics they are doing with no majority. Their only purpose is to take down our government, people will give them befitting reply,” ANI quoted CM Sukhu as saying.

Meanwhile, the party’s central observer Dk Shivakumar said the chief minister has taken the responsibility for the Rajya Sabha poll drubbing and that all differences within the party ranks have been ironed out.

“Our CM accepted that some failure has happened. But it will not continue further. We have spoken to all the MLAs personally. We have spoken to the PCC president. Another round of discussion will happen later. All of them have sorted out all their differences. They’ll work together… We are forming a coordination committee between the party and the government with five to six members. They will all work together to save the party and save the government,” ANI quoted Shivakumar as saying.


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