Swan on London rail track leads to suspension of rail services: Report

Services were blocked on a major section of the Elizabeth rail line in London due to a swan blocking the tracks, The Independent reports.

The Elizabeth line signboard.(Reuters)
The Elizabeth line signboard.(Reuters)

The website Transport for London (TfL) on Thursday reported that there were no train services between Heathrow Airport in west London and Abbey Wood in south-east London – via the centre of the capital – due to “an obstruction on the track”. “The incident was reported before 13:00 BST,” BBC reported.

UK’s National Rail Enquiries said there were “animals on the railway.” Some passengers took to Twitter to express their frustration, criticising Transport for London (TfL) for closing the entire Elizabeth Line because of a swan.

Passengers onboard also spoke about the obstruction which resulted in the halting of trains for hours.

One passenger criticised, “You are an absolute shambles @TfL. I cannot believe you closed the entire Elizabeth line for a swan on the tracks. Has nobody been on the ‘shoo’ ing course. How hard is it to move a swan?”

Another commented, “How does a swan on the line at Paddington prevent running all the central core section of the Elizabeth line for 3 hours (so far). Unless it’s in the tunnel but I assume they mean on the mainline by Paddington. Also just move the swan…”

The Elizabeth line which connects the Reading town, Heathrow Airport, Shenfield and Abbey Wood, was launched in May last year at an estimated cost of ã18.9 billion (around 195 crore).