Tablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

There was a time when tablets and notebooks were considered two different tech streams, destined to never meet. But times change, and today, a lot of consumers who shell out bucks (big or small) for a tablet, do so with the expectation that it can step into the shoes of a notebook if needed. And such has been the progress of technology that if you have a reasonably powerful tablet, you can give it notebook-like functionalities. So, if you want to add shades of notebook to your trusty tab — be it Android, Chrome, Windows, or iPad — just go ahead and grab the following accessories, and see your tablet-caterpillar morph into a notebook butterfly.

Bluetooth keyboard: Key additionTablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

What is the most basic thing that separates a tablet from a notebook? Both devices have displays but tablets lack a physical keyboard, which the notebooks bring along by default. 

So, if you want your tablet to be more like a notebook the very first thing you need to get is a Bluetooth keyboard — like the title mentions, this is THE “key” addition.  

There is an option to go for a cover-cum-keyboard situation which may get connected to your tablet without needing Bluetooth (if your tablet allows it) but those are often limited to just one device. Meaning if you buy a built-in cover keyboard for your tablet, it will only work with your tablet so we would advise that you get a stand-alone Bluetooth keyboard. 

There are a number of great Bluetooth keyboard options in the market that one can select depending on their budget. Pick a keyboard with spaced-out and bouncy keys to add to those notebook feels and you can also pick ones that are backlit if you prefer working late hours. 

Also, there are some Bluetooth keyboards that even come with decent trackpads but just check in advance if your tablet supports it. 

And because Bluetooth keyboards are not restricted to just one device, you can pair your others devices via Bluetooth when you are not using it with your tablet. 

Bluetooth mouse: Gotta be on pointTablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

If trackpads on Bluetooth keyboards are not your cup of tea or are not supported by your tablet (or are just too plain expensive), you can still be on point (pun intended) without having to struggle with the touch screen of your tablet when you work — reaching back and forth to the screen can be a bit annoying. 

Just take things a step further and add some PC vibes to your tablet by getting a Bluetooth mouse. Check the compatibility of the Bluetooth mouse that you are getting with your tablet, pair it and you are good to point and move.
You do not have to worry about messy wires, dongles, or anything like that and they are usually super portable too, making them instant best friends of that tablet life.  

A note of caution: make sure the Bluetooth mouse you choose comes with inbuilt Bluetooth inbuilt and does not require a dongle to be plugged into the tablet. 

A stand: You gotta stand up for your notebook rights Tablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

One of the biggest issues with trying to work on a tablet is that you cannot prop them up on a table or on your lap (while seated) and work like you could on a notebook. But this modern-day problem also has a pretty simple solution — you can simply grab a stand for your tablet. 

Now, if you are someone who does not wish to carry separate accessories, you can buy your tablet a cover that can double up as a stand and also has a keyboard built in (yes, those exist) but if you do not have a problem in buying multiple accessories, you can buy a stand separately that will your tablet legs to stand on (quite literally).

We would suggest you get one that can tilt on a number of different angles like notebooks can and see how it takes your experience from level tablet to level notebook in no time. 

USB hub: Because when was one port ever enough?Tablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

USB Type-C ports are what dominate the connectivity tech tribe today, be it smartphones, notebooks or tablets. Even the new iPads now have the USB Type-C port.  

But unlike notebooks where you get multiple ports, tablets come with just one which means if you are charging your tablet, there is literally no scope of connecting anything else to it. Which is why you should get a USB hub. 

This is basically a small extension which connects to the one port that you have on your tablet and adds a number of other ports to it. You can get one with more USB Type-C ports, micro-USB ports, USB Type-A ports and even card scanners.

This dongle also comes in very handy when you need to plug in and use thumb drives or card readers. If you are looking for a specific port, you can even search for the USB hub that carries it and voila! Just like that, you will go from a single port-party of one to a multiple port-party in no time. 

Just remember that using this accessory can drain a lot of battery power, so perhaps keep one of those extra ports handy for charging your tablet.

Memory cards: Add more bytes to your storageTablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

We have a simple mantra about storage: the more, the merrier. But not all tablets come with expandable storage options which can give users some serious storage blues. 

These blues can be shooed away by investing in a memory card that may be small in physical size but carries lots of gigabytes. If your tablet does not have a memory card slot, these cards can be easily connected to your tablets via a card reader (you can even get one as a part of a USB Type-C hub, which we mentioned above). 

Once you get it, all you have to do is connect it to your tablet and you will have added storage in no time. 

A key factor to keep in mind here is the transfer speed to ensure that you do not end up waiting for too long while data gets transferred to it. 

Type-C to 3.5mm jack dongle: The jack of all wired tradesTablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

It is a bad time to be a wired earphone lover, considering how so many tech manufacturers are removing the 3.5mm audio jack from device anatomies. The tablet community is not spared from the audio jack massacre either which is why many tablets, may it be Android, Windows or iPads are now coming without the 3.5mm audio jack. 

If you would like to still enjoy your music on your tablet the wired way, we think it would be best to invest in a USB Type-C to 3.5mm audio jack dongle. This will allow you to plug in your good old wired (ear)buddies to your tablet, without compromising on audio quality (which can be iffy on Bluetooth options). 

The best part? You can use this dongle with your phones or notebooks too and enjoy the wired life for as long as you want. 

Stylus: Pen it downTablet Accessories Notebook Substitute Use Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse Stylus Memory USB Hub

Notebooks might not always come with styluses but these little electric pens can prove to be very handy especially if you are in the business of designing, scribbling or doodling. 

These allow you to use your tablet like an actual notebook, the old school one that had paper, and you can save and share your designs and doodles with others too. There are multiple styluses available in the market at different price points. 

Before you buy one do keep in mind certain factors like pressure sensitivity, battery life, palm rejection and most importantly compatibility because not all styluses are compatible with all tablets (Samsung’s S Pen Stylus does not work with some of Samsung’s own tablets). 

So, research a bit before you buy.