‘Tamil Nadu would have become Bihar if not for Catholics’: Speaker’s remark sparks row

Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker Appavu sparked a row after he claimed that without Catholic missionaries, the state would have become another Bihar.

Tamil Nadu Speaker Appavu | Twitter/@AppavuSpeaker

Tamil Nadu Speaker Appavu | Twitter/@AppavuSpeaker

Tamil Nadu Assembly Speaker M Appavu on Monday sparked controversy after he attributed the development of the state to Christian missionaries and said the state would have become another Bihar if not for the work done by Catholic missions.

He claimed that it was Catholic missionaries that shaped his career, adding that the government belonged to the people who “fast and pray to God”.

“Chief Minister [MK Stalin] knows that this government was created by you all. You [Catholic missions] can go ahead and speak to your CM and I shall support you. If you are removed, there wouldn’t be any growth in Tamil Nadu. If there were no missionaries, then Tamil Nadu would be like Bihar,” Speaker Appavu said.

“Catholic missionaries have been the main reason for the growth. The foundation of Tamil Nadu was laid by your work,” he added.

Amid the controversy, Speaker Appavu spoke exclusively to India Today. He claimed that he only mentioned “history”.

“Only Christian missionaries made education available for all. Christian missionaries brought social equality. The Dravidian movement is an extension of their work,” Speaker Appavu said, refusing to respond to BJP’s criticism.

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