Tata Motors introduces ‘.EV’ as new electric sub-brand

Tata Motors has introduced a new sub-brand for its electric vehicles (EVs), and named it .EV. The first car under this sub-brand is the electric Tiago, which is known as Tiago.EV.

Speaking to Autocar India, Vivek Srivastava, who heads marketing, sales and service strategy at Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, confirmed .EV as the company’s electric sub-brand. “This will be our new electric branding, and you will see it roll out across our existing electric range as well,” said Srivastava.

Previously, Tata Motors only added an ‘EV’ suffix to a model’s name. However, with the launch of the Tiago EV, it introduced the .EV suffix.

Tata Motors .EV electric sub-brand

Under this, vehicles will be given the .EV badging on fenders and front grille. This moniker will also allow the firm to move away from the exterior blue colour accents that differentiate its electric cars from other vehicles manufactured by it.

“By using this branding, we can, if we want, also move away from the blue accents that we currently use to define the electric models, and thus look at more body colours,” remarked Srivastava.


Available at a starting price of 8.49 lakh, the car carries ‘Tiago.EV’ lettering across it tailgate. It has a battery pack of 24 kWh, which, according to Tata, gives a range of 315 km. Also, the model takes just 5.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h.