The Diamond Connection of Twinflames | Astrology

2022 is wrapping up shortly and we are left with our reflections. What transpired in this year and what of the future? I take time to be of relevance in honoring yourself and realizing the interconnectedness of all things. It is a time to take authorship of our innate powers and to accept the inevitability of the limitations imposed by form in this 3D world. To deal with conflict and dissonance now is of utmost importance.

2023 brings a dance of energies, some disparate and some glorious to give us lessons on elevation and evolution. The cycles are forever breaking out into more cycles; seems like the ending into the beginning. What a year to not only discover your creative soul Harmonic, but to vibrate in such a frequency that you can manifest your twinflame. You have to be ready to awaken your Twinflame into remembrance. The seed of potential to unite with your Twinflame is within you, spinning through the cycles of time. You are the eye of the hurricane. Hold that intention within and sustain the forms you want to manifest through Time’s changing moments.

The yearning for your Twinflame has gathered enough momentum for it to be stabilized in the 3D matrix and with a spiritual practice established steadily, you will be able to denote the changing forms and get a clearer perspective of the cyclical movements. The pull of the Twinflame is like the gravitational pull we experience through life, but on a soul level.

In many esoteric systems, the vajra or the diamond energy is spoken of. The secret behind giving your beau a diamond is indeed steeped in mystical knowledge about the soul and how the soul looking to connect with a Twinflame is shaped like a spiral gravity force, culminating in a diamond compression. This force field once created within through meditation and visualization gives rise to a flow in a new directionality. We are now invoking the twin soul to join in union.

Awakening this energy within is like a supernova bursting inside and the spiral form the energy takes indicates what is in the sphere. The momentum of the spiral is the harmonic of reach creating a coherence of flow that connects to the Twinflame no matter the distance. Think Quantum Entanglement!

This diamond connection links the two twin flames in question who have been calling out to one another through the darkness of the void. Now they connect through the diamond energy. The sphere holds and sustains many flows, see the cellular structure of our body; fantastic network of separateness and connection. But the flow is restricted in the spherical cell. This is what sustains the whole. Wholeness being the quest of the Twinflame journey!

Twinflames are like the cells, spheres within spheres; connected yet unique. Their yearning for each other pushing and pulling form, merging through changeable forms and they are connected by breathing in and out. They are creating the diamond or the vajra energy.

Nothing less for you my dear ladies! And once you become the very embodiment of Shakti, then you will shine a light to the Shiva of your soul. Once you are the Goddess you need to be, your Twinflame will also rise in vibration.

There is a word in Sanskrit- ARDHANGINI. It refers to the yin polarity and it usually refers to being the other half of the yang polarity. Kind of like the ARDHANARISHWARA I had discussed, the form is half Shiva and half Shakti; the true amalgamation of polarities. Wives are called ardhangini and we believe that she shares all her husband’s karma. Yes, good and bad.

She can influence his spiritual growth. By raising her vibration, she can raise his! How the Universe is always giving us females so much extra responsibility! 😉

What is matter but waves hitting each other at certain frequencies! Whether you know it or not, your Twinflame vibrates on the same frequency. He or she may be on a different level of spiritual growth, but the vibration of these twinsouls cannot be lost to the Universe as if you have awakened to this truth, you have created the Diamond Connection.

Often times we hear Astrologers refer to a diamond soul. They call the alignment of planets which form a kite, the Diamond Soul. Many Twinflames may have this alignment in their natal chart and such people are strongly connected to the Gods/Goddess energies.

The Twinflames connected by this diamond formation in synastry carry the seven rays which help them take action by connecting with their Twinflame and raising their vibration. They are able to unite other Twinflames . Each time a Twinflame union happens, the collective diamond soul grows brighter in luminescence, bring healing and peace on the 3D matrix. It helps us all collectively to enrich our personal soul and spirit.

The Diamond Connection of Twinflames.
The Diamond Connection of Twinflames.

When Twinflames meet, there is a heightened awareness in both that makes them experience a massive amount of healing. It may or may not be sudden. It may or may not be time consuming. We cannot know how the disparities will be merged in union and how much time it will take. We can only love.

The diamond is a piece of perfection which is why it is such a powerful symbol of love, commercialization aside. It is Venus’ most powerful amulet that can protect the wearer and make them appear attractive. It also harmonizes the soul. The diamond connection between Twinflames like “unbreakable” like the very diamond it epitomizes.

The diamond connection is truth transformed into wisdom and it is the truth that presses hardness into diamonds and makes knowledge into wisdom or from Western Psychiatric understanding, it is the path from neurosis into sanity. The diamond connections makes the Twinflames see things are they are. They do not perceive things with the Ego. They are not afraid of intimacy. They embody tenderness by being vulnerable and open. They operate from the heart, which is why the Twinflame journey is so important in our desperate world which needs to connect to the heart to find healing and wholeness.

The article has been authored by Tina Mukerji, a soul guide working with Astrology, Tarot, Psychism, Yoga, Tantra, Breathwork and Mantras. She works to discover the inherent archetypes, by studying astrological charts.