These 2 gluten-free chapatis can help you lose 5 kgs a month

It can become a daunting task when we sit down to plan the weight loss strategy. What to eat and what to avoid become the most important things in life. But, if we plan it in the right way, weight loss becomes super-easy and one can easily lose 4-5 kgs in a month. It is imperative that you consume a protein-rich diet as that’s something that can help a lot in losing weight. When it comes to planning an Indian diet for weight loss, people think that there are not many options available as roti and rice are something that’s important. Today, we’ll be talking about the popular Indian bread – Roti, which is the staple food in our country.

In general, we tend to enjoy Roti made with wheat flour or ‘Gehun ka Atta’, which is the simplest grain available across the country. But, Roti is known to be quite rich in carbohydrates and is thought to be not good for weight loss. But, here are two Chapatis that can make the whole weight loss process easier. These two chapatis are made with gluten-free flour which has a high ratio of fiber and protein and can help you lose some weight. We are talking about Jowar and Ragi Roti. Both these chapatis are quite nutritious and can be enjoyed with different kinds of curries.