Things I wish I knew before marrying a “Maa ka Ladlaa”

He knows and always knew that his mother will always be there for him but when it comes to his love life, he probably somewhere deep down, compared all the girls with his mom and since he ended up with all the wrong ones before he married you, he became insecure. These are human things and we all have something like this in us. This is where your love steps in. Let him know that you are with him through all of these changes. You are patiently waiting for him to grow up and that you will always hold his hand. This makes men feel good and if they love you, they will do better by the day.

Note: The above given scenarios and solutions are my experience. Yes this is debatable as we women are not rehabs for pampered or badly brought up kids but as a wife to a man who cares for me and does small things that make me realise that he loves me way too much than what I give him credit for, I tried everything in my power to bring him out of that oyster shell. Do remember that he too is making adjustments with you, the woman who wants things to perhaps be micromanaged. It is a two way traffic. Inhale…. Exhale.

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