‘Those who knew Queen Elizabeth II knew…’: Prince Harry slammed over this claim

Prince Harry was slammed by a royal expert for trying to portray that the late monarch- his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II- was not on his side during the split with the royal family following the Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan.

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In Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle’s Netflix series, the Duke of Sussex implied that Queen Elizabeth II sidelined herself at the ‘Sandringham Summit’, which she called to discuss the terms of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from royal life.

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Prince Harry said, “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me, and my father say things that just simply weren’t true, and my grandmother, you know, quietly sit there, and sort of take it all in.”

Commenting on this claim, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam said, “The Queen knew exactly what she was doing, and she wasn’t being manipulated by anyone. I think the idea that the Queen was sidelined at Sandringham was probably a complete nonsense. Harry has painted a picture which isn’t going to be challenged simply because the Royal Family are not going to put out a statement about it.”

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Richard Fitzwilliam further said, “He paints the Queen as someone who’s negative, and in effect, it’s offensive because the Queen becomes a puppet in the hands of the others there and also, of course, her advisers.”

“The Queen was very wise to do what she did, but the implication that Harry gives is that she was, so to speak, out of it. On the contrary, when she said after Oprah, some “recollections may vary”, she was very, very much part of it,” the expert added.

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“And indeed, that phrase has helped to define them in the minds, anyway, of those who are sceptical about their truth. It’s absolutely clear, I think, from those who know the Queen, that the Queen knew exactly what she was doing, and she wasn’t being manipulated by anyone,” he claimed.