Tiger swims against water current in river Gerua to reach its habitat in Katarniaghat

LUCKNOW A tiger, which was swept away by the strong current while crossing the swollen Gerua river in UP’s Bahraich, finally swam safely to the other side and reached its habitat on Friday, courtesy a prompt rescue operation by forest department officials.

Finding a quick solution to help the big cat reach its habitat safely, the gates of Girijapuri barrage in Bahraich were closed and this prevented it (tiger) from being swept further down, said officials.

The big cat had got stuck along the heavy current and was flown away up to the barrage. But forest department officials ensured a safe passage for it up to the forest in Katerniaghat.

“A young looking tiger tried to cross Gerua river along the heavy current but was flown away up to Girijapuri barrage in Bahraich,” wrote Ramesh Pandey, a senior forest official, on twitter sharing a video showing the big cat swimming. “The tiger looked in trouble,” wrote Pandey describing the visual.

Officials on patrol saw the tiger being tossed by the strong current in the swollen river, struggling to stay afloat. The team at Katarniaghat wildlife division, led by Akash Deep Badhawan, DFO, responded in time and ensured a safe passage for the tiger.

Pandey stated that tigers are known to be powerful swimmers, but just how powerful they can be is seen in two videos shared on Twitter. “Tiger being a powerful and great swimmer, could cross the river against the current, and reached in jungles of Katerniaghat, part of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve,” he wrote on twitter.

“Tiger conservation remains at the heart of our efforts. The increasing number of tigers and other wildlife in our protected areas is a testimony to the dedication of our field staff working in difficult situations,” said forest department officials on the field rescue operation.