UK Heatwave | Spark Sets London Train Track On Fire: Report

Train lines caught fire on a bridge in London on Monday, when a spark ignited timber beams amid the city’s scorching heat.

The incident took place on the track between Wandsworth Road and London Victoria, according to the Express.

Steve White, managing director of Southeastern Railway, took to Twitter to post a photograph of the fire and express his gratitude to the train firm and the London Incident Brigade for reacting quickly to the fire.

In reaction, Network Rail Southeast tweeted a photo of the fire and stated that the heat will be “a severe problem” in the following week.

The organisation revealed how the rails caught fire in a separate article. It was said that the bridge’s wheel timbers caught fire because they were extremely dry. The organisation did, however, add that they “don’t know for sure, it’s conceivable a stray spark set them alight.”

Furthermore, Network Rail stated that an examination “found the railway fit for operation.” The organisation claimed that it was still investigating whether the tracks needed to be replaced as a result of the event.

Meanwhile, this incidence occurred at a period of high temperatures in the country. Temperatures in the United Kingdom are forecast to reach 34 degrees Celsius, according to the BBC. The Met Office issued an extreme weather warning to alert people about potential health risks.

Level three heat-health advisories are said to be in effect over the south, Midlands, and east of England. To deal with the heat, officials encouraged people to remain indoors as much as possible and to drink lots of fluids. The heat-health advisories are scheduled to remain in effect until next weekend, according to officials.