Video: He Was Riding His Bicycle, A Dog Jumped On Him. And Then…

Video: He Was Riding His Bicycle, A Dog Jumped On Him. And Then…

The boy was near his house when the attack took place.

A boy on a bicycle was attacked by a stray dog in a village in Kerala’s Kozhikode and the clip is now viral on social media. Posted on Reddit under r/kerala, the 51-second video shows the boy entering a lane on a bicycle when the dog attacked him. The footage has been recorded by CCTV installed in the village. According to local publications, the boy studies in Class 7 and the incident took place on Sunday afternoon. This comes amid spike in number of dog bite cases across the country.

Watch the video:

The clip shows the boy stopping his bicycle close to a home. Other children too come out to greet him. Suddenly, a black-coloured stray dog comes out of nowhere and pounces on the boy and bites him on the hand.

Shocked, the boy falls to the ground and the dog keeps growling with its jaw firmly on the boy’s hand. The other scared children rush back inside the home.

The Class 7 boy tries to escape but the dog’s jaw grip proves to be too strong for him. He gets up but falls again. The boy once again gets up and runs inside the house with the dog refusing to let go his arm. 

When the boy enters the house, the dog finally lets him go and runs away. A few second later, another dog is seen crossing the house, followed by a few concerned locals who enter the house to check on the boy.

There has been a rise in dog-bite cases in National Capital Region (NCR) near Delhi too. Last week, a pet dog attacked a boy inside the lift of a housing society in Ghaziabad and its video went viral on social media. Another similar incident was reported from Noida.

After these cases, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi has asked residents to get their pets registered and warned that action can be taken for non-compliance of the norm.