Video Shows Acid Attack On Delhi Schoolgirl, Victim Critical

The girl’s father told the media that her condition is critical.

New Delhi:

A 17-year-old girl has been hospitalised with serious injuries after two men on a bike threw acid at her in southwest Delhi’s Dwarka area today.

The girl’s father told the media that her condition is critical and that the chemical splashed across her face and also entered her eyes. The girl, police said, has identified two suspects and one of them has been detained.

Shocking footage of the incident captured by a CCTV camera in the area shows the two girls walking by the roadside when a bike slows down and one of the riders throws a liquid substance at the 17-year-old. She is then seen holding her face and running, clearly in extreme pain.

“My daughters, one aged 17 and the other 13, were out together this morning. Suddenly, two men on a bike threw acid at my elder daughter and drove away. They had covered their faces,” the girl’s father told the media.

On being asked if his daughter had complained about harassment by anyone, her father said, “No, she did not. If she had, I would have accompanied her everywhere. The sisters would travel to school together in Metro.”

NDTV also spoke to the girl’s mother. She too said that the teenager had not spoken at home about anyone disturbing her.

Delhi women’s panel chief Swati Maliwal expressed concern over the incident, questioning why the sale of acid cannot be restricted so that such heinous crimes can be prevented.

“Two goons throw acid at a school girl in broad daylight in the country’s capital. Does anyone still fear the law? Why can’t the sale of acid be banned? Shame,” she tweeted.

She said in another post that acid is available as easily as vegetables and questioned why the government was not prohibiting its retail sale. She said the Delhi women’s panel had demanding this ban for years. “When will governments wake up?”