Visa rules: You won’t be able to fly to UAE if this is missing in your passport

New visa rules issued by UAE can stop you from flying to and from the country if your passport doesn’t mention your name in the desired way. As per the new guidelines, a traveller must make sure both his/her first name and surname are mentioned in the passport. Passengers, whose passports are without both first names and surnames won’t be allowed to enter the UAE. The rule only applies to those coming to UAE on tourist and on-arrival visas.

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What is the new rule issued by the UAE?

As per the rule from UAE authorities, passengers with a single name on their passports won’t be issued visas and shall not be allowed to travel to and from the country. If the visa has been issued already, the passenger with a single name on the passport will be declared an inadmissible passenger by the immigration. However, the rule doesn’t apply to those holding legitimate residence permission or a work visa.

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For example, if a passenger’s name mentioned in the first name section is ROHIT, and the surname section is blank; or his first name section is blank and the surname section mentions ROHIT, his visa application won’t be entertained by the authorities.

The UAE has also implemented new visa rules that introduce new types of entry visas, and residence permits expanding the Golden Visa categories.