Vivek Oberoi refuses to speak about his past relationship with Aishwarya Rai: ‘It’s done and dusted, but…’

Actor Vivek Oberoi briefly commented on his relationship with ex-girlfriend, actor Aishwarya Rai in a new interview. He refused to answer a question relating to her citing that it was in the past. However, he did share words of wisdom for younger people who are brimming with talent at their work. Also read: Vivek Oberoi says Sanjay Dutt once helped him impress girls in his school days

Vivek dated Aishwarya Rai before they parted ways in 2003. He claimed that Aishwarya’s former boyfriend, Salman Khan, had threatened him for dating her, which later allegedly harmed his career. Later Vivek married Priyanka Alva who is the daughter of Karnataka minister Jeevaraj Alva, in October 2010. They are blessed with two kids now.

In an interview, Vivek was asked if wouldn’t have gone public about his relationship with Aishwarya during the initial years of his career in Bollywood. He denied commenting on it with a smile. He said, “Not that I am going to answer this question because it’s done and dusted. But, for any youth, young talented people who are watching today, just remember one thing in life if you are really focused and committed to your work, and you’re giving it your hundred per cent, it happens everywhere I see it everywhere, my only advice is that see if they can’t attack you on your professionalism, if they can’t attack you on your talent, if they can’t attack you on the work you do, don’t give them an opportunity to attack you on something else and shift the focus. Don’t do that, that would be a disservice to yourself and to your commitment to your career.”

During the same conversation, Aishwarya’s topic was discussed once more when Vivek was asked why he never spoke about his personal life after ending things with Aishwarya Rai, till he was married. “I realised if you don’t want people talking about your personal life, if you are sensitive to it which most people are, then you shouldn’t be putting it out there as a projection,” he answered.

Vivek was recently seen in Dharavi Bank, with Suniel Shetty. It is streaming on MX Player.