“War has always been last option but…’: PM Modi in Kargil to soldiers on Diwali

India has been fighting internal and external enemies, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday as he hailed the bravery of the Armed Forces on Diwali in Kargil. Recalling the India-Pakistan war in 1999, he asserted, “Kargil has never lost to Pakistan”.

“Traditionally, we have opposed war and conflict. Whether it was Kurukshetra or Lanka – war was the last option. But peace is also not possible without defense capabilities,” the prime minister said.

He also praised the Army, Navy and Air Forces for increasing self-reliance. “I am glad that nearly 400 weapons would now be made in India, reducing our dependence on foreign nations. Our forces are increasingly turning to made-in-India weapons. From supersonic weapons to Light Weight Helicopters, India’s military might is growing. Today, the country is not only meeting its own needs but focusing on defence exports too,” PM Modi asserted.

On internal enemies, he said that a crackdown was constantly being carried out on corrupt people.