Watch| At UN, Blinken’s strong message to Putin on Ukraine: ‘If Russia stops…’

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on every United Nations Security Council member to “send a clear message” to Russia that it must stop its “reckless” nuclear threats in the war in Ukraine.

In a powerful message to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Blinken said, “One man chose this war, one man can end it.”

Vladimir Putin said, announcing partial mobilisation in Russia, that his nuclear-armed country could “certainly use all means available” if its territory is threatened.

Slamming Putin’s nuclear war threats, Blinken said, “…if Russia stops fighting, the war ends and if Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends.”

Watch the video here:

The comments by Antony Blinken come a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement on partial mobilisation of the country’s 2 million-strong military reserves as the war in Ukraine reaches nearly seven months. The decision, which Putin said was taken “to defend the motherland, its sovereignty and territorial integrity” has been viewed as an escalation by the West.

US slammed the decision as an egregious violation of the UN Charter and international law.