Ways to have closer and safer friendships

Friendships are one of the most beautiful relationships of the world. It is based on understanding, sharing bonds and knowing the other person thoroughly through highs and lows. Surprisingly, most friendships stay throughout life and become one of the strongest relationships of our lives. Friendships also influence us and help us in bringing our lives back in track. It helps in impacting our lives in a positive way and create a safe space for the free flow of emotions. Unconditional love and communication are the two key elements of a close friendship. However, with time, a lot of friendships grow distance and break off. Psychologist Nicole LePera addressed this and shared tips on how to have closer and safer friendships.

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Saying things: Before we say something about our friends in their absence, we should go about it in our mind and ask ourselves if that would be a correct thing to say in their presence as well. Of not, we should avoid speaking about it in their absence too.

Trust the flow: A friendship, like a relationship, goes through its own test of time. Sometimes it is very deep, and sometimes two friends can grow distance. It is important to trust the flow and travel through the waves of friendship.

Consent to share: In case you want to vent out or share something to your friend, it is important to ask them if they are in the mental space to listen. Only then you should share things with them.

Communication: It is one of the most important elements of any relationship. In case of having expectations, it should be clearly communicated instead of hoping that they can read your mind.

Appreciation: A small appreciation goes a long way. Celebrating each other’s wins and successes and being each other’s biggest cheerleaders are the strongest glue to a friendship.