Woman gets congratulatory tweets meant for UK PM-elect Liz Truss. Here’s why

Conservative Party leader Liz Truss on Monday beat Indian-origin Rishi Sunak to become the prime minister (PM) of the United Kingdom (UK). The 47-year-old PM-elect is receiving a wave of support and praise on social media, especially twitter. However, amid them another Twitter user is also receiving some of the congratulatory messages meant for UK’s next prime minister. The reason is that Liz Trussell’s twitter handle name is @Liztruss. What is even more amusing is that instead of correcting people, the woman is rolling with the case of mistaken identity and having her fun. There is a chance that her replies to people or brands tagging her to congratulate Liz Truss on her win will leave you chuckling.

A Twitter user Thor Benson collected some of the tweets where Liz Trussel is tagged. “People keep tagging a random person instead of the incoming British prime minister and she’s rolling with it lol,” he wrote. He also shared the screenshots of various tweets with Trussell’s replies.

Take a look:

Since being shared, the post has gathered over 22,000 likes and counting. The share has also accumulated different comments. “Must be so embarrassing to confuse a random person for a public figure,” posted a Twitter user. “Omgg. Dying,” commented another. “The best part is her account was inactive for years until now,” shared a third. “This is why the internet should exist,” wrote a fourth.