‘Worship any god but…’: Minister on Aamir Khan’s Kalash puja, SRK’s Vaishno Devi visit

Madhya Pradesh home minister Narrottam Mishra was asked on Tuesday to comment on Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s recent Kalash Puja at his office and Shah Rukh Khan’s recent visit to Vaishno Devi. To this, the firebrand minister known for his boycott calls against celebrities said, “The society is now aware. If they have now understood this, it’s good. Everyone has the right to worship according to their belief. One can worship any god but just don’t hurt the faith of others. That’s it.”


A few months ago, Narottam Mishra objected to a bank advertisement featuring Aamir Khan and Kiara Advani as a newlywed couple in which the couple altered the tradition of the bride leaving her home as the groom came to live at the bride’s house and there was no tearful bidaai. Considering the advertisement inappropriate, Narottam Mishra noted that such things about Indian tradition, customs and deities keep coming especially from Aamir Khan. “I believe he is not allowed to hurt anyone’s sentiments,” Mishra said.

This is one of the many controversies that Aamir Khan faced in recent times and one of the many objections Narottam Mishra raised against Bollywood celebrities.

Recently, Aamir Khan was seen performing Kalash puja at Aamir Khan Production’s office following which social media users raised questions about his faith. Shah Rukh Khan recently visited the Vaishno Devi temple in Jammu photos of which went viral.